Maria Montessori said that “play is the work of children” and children’s singer Raffi added that “young children are 100% employed, all the time.” Children are always learning, whether they thrive in traditional school settings or not. For young children and for those of all ages who have developmental delays, play therapy can be a marvelous way to challenge them in fun and innovative ways.

Monica studied the work of many developmental psychologists and child development specialists while in college more than 40 years ago, including Erik Erickson, Clark Moustakas, Virginia Satir, Fred Rogers, and Virginia Axline. She then completed her Montessori certification and special education masters early in her career, and she later became an Advanced DIRFloortime Practitioner. Along the way, she has refined her own techniques in building strong relationships with children and families through play and playful learning.

Meeting the children where they are, Monica uses play to help them connect to the world around them. Observing their abilities, interests and responses, she fine-tunes each session in the moment and coaches parents and caregivers. As she adapts to the needs and interests of the child and the family, she uses play as a safe platform for constructing engagement, interaction and natural learning.

Feel free to contact Monica for a free 30 minute consultation to see if she could work well with you, to help you and your family.


A genuine love of seeing kids flourish

Monica has a wealth of experience and knowledge in alternative education, combined with a genuine love of seeing kids flourish. Our family has been fortunate to have her guidance with a variety of needs, including special ed. I’m eternally grateful to have her on this journey with us! – Leigh Fairweather, New Zealand

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