If you love math, you probably see patterns right away, and conventional teaching methods might have worked well for you. Or, at the very least, you could get through the math drills and worksheets quickly enough to have time to do what you really wanted to do in math. Your kiddo probably has similar experiences. So do share your enthusiasm for finding patterns and, above all, keep it enjoyable. Watch your kiddo’s face!

There are lots of resources available for you, even though you probably don’t need too many ideas. The only caveat to remember is if your kiddo is working independently, it helps if the resources are self-paced. Kids who love math rarely need to do all of the problems or activities, so it is essential that it not to be in a lockstep style. One of my favorites is www.youcubed.com. I took a course from Dr. Jo Boaler of Stanford about 6 years ago and fell in love with her approach. It’s fun and gets everyone thinking and sharing.

She has a fabulous page on her site with fun tasks at a variety of grade levels. In addition, Dr. Boaler also prepares kids who are good at math for their first experience of not getting a concept or skill quickly. Or, if by chance, your kiddo has run across teacher or mentor who didn’t nurture their love of learning math, check out Dr. Boaler’s book. Mathematical Mindsets. She has excellent ideas to re-ignite the love of learning math. 

If you are looking for a full curriculum for a grade, that can be found on Amazon, too:

And if you would like a deeper dive into her philosophy, check out her course for teachers.

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Below are few other resources  I have used over the years with learners who easily see the patterns in math and fly through math concepts.  These are just a few of many resources available Let me know which ones you like and feel free to add any resources you would like to share.

Dreambox Learning

Motion Math Games

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I love Math! My kiddo loves math!
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